Hi, I'm Jeff Luke, the creator of Animal Donut! I have written about both the creative and business sides of photography. You can see two of the books I've written below: I wrote them for the photo enthusiast who wants to rapidly improve their creative photography (UNSNAPSHOTS), and the budding photographer who wants to become a professional and wants to build their business skills (SHOOT IT SELL IT).


I offer photography coaching sessions (which cost $150 for a half hour) via Skype, FaceTime, oovoo, or in person if you live in or travel to Seattle.

Coaching is customized to your specific needs. A half hour per coaching session is sufficient for your initial session.

This is a great gift idea! Do you know someone who is interested in photography and would like to take better pictures? If you know someone who would benefit from expert advice I can help them improve their skills. I explain things in a way that's easy to understand.


If your company or organization needs expert advice to help with creative decision-making for your website or publications. I am available for professional consulting sessions, and specialize in providing the visual direction and cost savings. I can provide you with unique, customized solutions because of my experience and skills in a business built upon photography. 

We can work together to improve your existing website or collateral materials, or we can create something new from the ground up. My expertise is based on the skills I have refined through building  several websites that drive for my photography business. I have extensive experience building websites with commerce solutions so your company can automate website sales. I have developed these skills by creating my own photography website where I sell products (books and photos) using an automated system.

I provide consulting services worldwide. If you would like to discuss your project (free initial consultation) or for more information about my consulting services please contact me to learn how we can put my skills to work for your organization.


You can pay for your coaching session using any major credit card. The standard procedure for coaching is for you to contact me via email or phone to schedule your session. At that time a $150 non-refundable deposit will be made using your credit card, and we will choose a date and time that works for us both.

For consulting you may contact me via email and phone so you can explain your project and I can get the essential details that will help me customize your consulting sessions and provide you with pricing.


To contact me about coaching, consulting, or if there is any way I can help you with photography-related learning, please contact me using one of the methods listed below.

snapchat: animaldonut
phone: 206-778-4424

I look forward to meeting you!


This eBook teaches you how to greatly improve your creative photography, whether you use an iPhone, a smartphone, a point-and-shoot or a DSLR camera.

Filled with tips and ideas to that you can use now, this book will bring your photos from boring to dazzling through use of an accelerated learning system that is simple to follow.

The author has been a creative photographer whose work appears in books, and publications throughout the US and worldwide. When not shooting with his DSLR he enjoys using his iPhone and point-and-shoot Sony pocket camera. In this book he shares his favorite secrets, tips and creative ideas with you so you can get to work improving your photos now.

This eBook teaches you, the aspiring professional photographer, how to become a professional.

It's a step by step approach that is designed for people who are just starting out and want to know how to begin. The first half of the book, SHOOT IT, deals with selecting an area of specialty and determining a market for your photography. The second half of the book, SELL IT, teaches you how to attract clients and sell your work.

The author of this book is currently a professional photographer with years of experience.