Tim Ferriss' ideas to start the year


I enjoyed one of Tim Ferriss' most recent podcasts titled "What I learned in 2016." I've included the link to the podcast below if you haven't heard it and would like to check it out.

At the start he says that instead of making New Years Resolutions, he likes to go back over his iCalendar for 2016 and divide experiences into two columns - one had a plus symbol and one a minus symbol.

His reason for doing this exercise was to find the 20% of activities, experiences or people that contributed to 80% of positive emotions. And he wanted to find the 20% that contributed to 80% of his stress, frustration, anger, angst, etc.

I grabbed my Moleskine, filled three pages with my two columns and it was the most productive thing I did to start the year (I literally finished it on New Year's Eve). If you haven't tried it yet, I encourage you to listen to the podcast  and try it yourself!

Tim also said that he wanted to see more sunrises this year.

"If you're having trouble thinking bigger, just think stranger."  --   Tim Ferriss

"If you're having trouble thinking bigger, just think stranger."  --Tim Ferriss

One of my favorite lines is "If you're having trouble thinking bigger, just think stranger."

Tim has some great ideas to share about getting your idea and profits to grow fast. He's not about 10% changes and incremental growth. He suggests we do things that can 10x our growth. If we look at Tim's successes with his books, podcast, and many other areas of his life we have to give him credit for having a good feel for how to get noticed.

Tim said he learned two things from Oprah Winfrey after watching the "Making Oprah" documentary.

1. Oprah's core belief is that we have only two emotions LOVE and FEAR.

One of these is causing how you feel at any moment.

2. Don't represent darkness in the world. Another way to frame this is asking yourself, "Am I a force for goodness?"

Tim went on to talk about Seth Godin, including a list of Seth's favorite books. I won't list them all here, but if readers want the list it's all in the podcast linked to below.

The best "take-away" from the Seth Godin commentary was the question to ask yourself: "If I had to charge two times more (for your product or service) and couldn't do any paid advertising, what would I do instead?

He said answering that question is the key to discovery and exploring really cool ways to present your start-up ideas to the world.

Also, I really liked Scott Adam's recent blog post, "Your Body is Your Brain Too." The link is below, and while it is a difficult read because it's counterintuitive, if you read it the ideas will change the way you think and act in the next few days, and probably forever. One of the things that stuck with me is that Scott will not allow stress into his life. If he's in a room, or having a conversation that turns stressful he just leaves. I have made changes in the first week of this year to do the same and I've instantly noticed the improvements in my life.

Having positive changes happen in our lives does not happen by accident. It happens because we consciously make changes in what we do, whether it's exercise, eating right, or surrounding ourselves with positive people.

Here's a fortune that a friend sent me yesterday.

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