Do All Things With Love

I made the photo above while back. It was made by Top Pot Doughnuts especially for Valentine's Day. I include this photo as a reminder to do all things with love.

Even as a photographer, which you could consider to be a "doing what you love" profession, I often get asked to do photo shoots that I'd rather not do. They don't bother me because they are hard work; I like working hard. Rather, they require me to do things I'm not really interested in doing. It's about making photos that fill someone else's need, but don't necessarily pique my interest.

The key is to find things that inspire your own passions and others as well. The way to do that is to do all things with love.

Here are a few lines of a recent post in Seth Godin's blog:

On saying "no"

If you're not proud of it, don't serve it.

If you can't do a good job, don't take it on.

If it's going to distract you from the work that truly matters, pass.

On the other hand, there's an imperative to say "yes." Say yes and build something that matters.

Visit Seth's Blog to read the whole post:

I value Seth's post. It's good to be reminded to keep my eye on what really matters to me, and I hope reading the post is helpful to you. It is good to be able to say no to some work so you can say yes and mean it. This helps assure that we do all things with love.

Jeff LukeComment