Animal Donut Photo Inspired by Breaking Bad

I had been watching some late night Breaking Bad during the same week I was working on making several Animal Donut photos. I was impressed by the emotional impact of the strong red and blue colors used in one of the episodes, so I incorporated those colors into an Animal Donut photo. 

The process is really easy - you just get the little color gels and place them over the flash unit. If you're interested in finding out what gels I use, then just check below. Many companies sell gels (basically colored plastic that's used commonly in movies and theater to color light) for photography. All you need is some way to attach the gel to the front of your flash. You can use velcro that you attach yourself, or you can buy gels that include a mounting system (like the kind below).

The key to getting the colors to work well is to make sure that your flash is not mounted to the camera  - they should be to the sides, above or below the camera. You can experiment with different colors and positions of flash units. There is not rule for what works, and it's best to play around with different combinations until you find one that works.

If you have any questions about achieving effects like this, send me an email or post a comment to the Animal Donut Instagram page.