Dog Donut

This photo was simple to assemble and shoot. It was just a matter of finding a small animal that could fit within the small space of a donut hole, making sure I had a brown animal that complemented the donut color, and putting the flash in the right spot.

I have found that my best Animal Donut photos are either really simple to conceive of and execute, or very complex. It's hard to say why. I would guess that the really cool ideas are just that - they're instantly obvious and you just put things together and "voila!" you have communicated the idea in a photo.

The other photos that work take a lot of time and preparation; from the moment you conceive the idea you have to gather supplies (beyond just the donuts and animal - you need ingredients that looks like snow, grass, rain, oceans, etc) and you have to create a realistic-looking environment for the objects to inhabit.

What are your favorite kinds of foods or animals to photograph? Leave your thoughts in the comments section, or head on over to instagram or snapchat (@animaldonut) and leave a comment. I look forward to hearing from you!

Jeff LukeComment