Introducing the Animal Donut Podcast

The Animal Donut Podcast rolled out its first episodes this week. Today's episode is all about contrast: what it is and how it affects our photos. We compare two music videos and the quality of audio and video recording.

One music videos of Steely Dan that feature the drumming of Keith Carlock is used as examples of what happens when audio levels are not controlled, and another video shows careful attention to audio levels.

This video captures spirit of show but drum beat is audibly distorted and light areas (Donald Fagan's face) are optically distorted. Even though the sound and video are distorted in this video, there is more light on the drummer, Keith Carlock, so it's easier to see him in this video compared to the video below.

This video of Steely Dan's Donald Fagan performing a song from his solo album "Sunken Condominium" demonstrates careful control of audio and video recording. You can clearly hear Keith Carlock's (same drummer in top video) bass drum and see the performers' faces.

It should be noted that while neither the audio nor the video recordings are distorted, Keith Carlock has very little light on him in the Letterman video. He's almost fades into the background because he has no special lights aimed at him. In comparison, Donald Fagan is nicely lit.

The podcast talks about the challenges of "Fitting and elephant into a doghouse," which is an analogy for cramming a wide dynamic range of sound or light into a small space (an audio recording or a photograph). 

If you'd like a free light of the lighting equipment used for the Animal Donut photos you can download this free checklist:



This is the voice recorder used for the Animal Donut podcast. It's easy to use, reliable and the sound quality is impressive.

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